Do the Little Things

We all have big plans and dreams for our lives. Whether it’s finding your dream job, writing a bestselling book, starting an impactful organization, or buying a house by the lake. Whatever our dreams, we all have them. And once we set our minds on achieving that dream, it’s natural to push away anything else that doesn’t directly contribute to that goal.

However, studies have shown that people at the end of life rarely look back and remember all the big things they have done. They don’t reminisce about the money they have made, the possessions they have acquired, or the interviews they have given. Rather, they remember simple things – like the night in front of the fireplace singing songs with the kids, laughter shared with friends or the feeling of holding hands with a loved one as the sun sets below the horizon.

Those simple, small moments are usually the ones most felt by the people around you as well. The conversations you have with your grandchildren help shape the lives they live. The food and time you donate to your local shelter send a ripple of kindness and compassion into the world that you may never witness. The time you spend watching your friend’s kids so that she can go on a job interview creates a better life for an entire family.

Now, you may very well be the next best-selling author. You might inspire the world while speaking on a stage for hundreds or thousands of people. You may invent something that makes life easier. That could be your destiny. However, most people will never leave their names in the history books or even amass a million followers on Instagram.

But everybody can do something impactful right now for the people around them. And doing something kind for another is the one sure way of knowing that you have made a difference today.

And as you look back on your life, it is the small moments that are most likely to bring you warmth, contentment, and fulfillment.

What Little Thing Can You Do Today to Make a Difference in Someone Else’s Life?