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Please join me in celebrating one of my greatest feats besides having three beautiful healthy children and other accomplishments. I finally finished my book “Change Your Story – Despite the Diagnosis”. Like most events in my life, this book wasn’t a long-planned ambition of mine. I just happened to be enthused by a writing club and decided to go for it. I’ve lived most of my life on the fly and have been a chameleon in order to fit in with others. My emotions were not easily revealed to others even though I so badly wanted to be connected.

My memoir for this time period reveals to the world the story of my past and present which I hope will inspire you and others to reveal their truth and heal from any past beliefs that are no longer serving you.

I have always been a grateful enthusiast of life and like most of us have experienced drama and trauma that’s led to many disappointments, illnesses, and addictions.

I am working on full recovery to healing without pain and addiction. My hope for the future is to help you experience life with more energy and vitality while feeling connected to yourself and others and know that the Universe has your back. 

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My memoir talks about my spiritual healing journey of finding my true passions and purpose in life despite the diagnosis of multiple mental illnesses and Fibromyalgia. In my memoir, I share how my negative experiences and misfortunes have made me stronger today. I reflect on lessons that I’ve learned throughout my spiritual path and show how changing our perceptions is key to our soul’s growth and survival. I share how I was able to forgive myself and others and appreciate the lessons they have taught me along the way, taking in the blessings with love and gratitude and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
Learning to overcome and accept my conditions, I am now able to live the life of my dreams and utilize the power of positive thinking and living with gratitude.

Growing up on this earthly plane has not always been a smooth road for me. My spiritual journey began at a very young age, but unlike most people, I would not succumb to the programming of mediocrity. Besides, raising 3.5 children and having a wonderful career in the Corporate world, I am now enjoying my life as an author, energy healing practitioner, health and wellness coach (in training), and creator of Unique Jewelry Designs and Accessories. After my debilitating experiences with mental and physical health conditions, I am now becoming healthier and looking forward to becoming the teacher of dealing with life’s roadblocks. I am inspired to live my life purpose which includes practicing self-actualization techniques using energy healing methods, positive self-affirmations, and coaching, combined with many other alternative healing methods.

I will help others who are experiencing the negative consequences of their experiences to guide them on their journey of awareness to their higher and most authentic self.

We have it in us to overcome obstacles and create a life full of love, gratitude, and abundance.

Please join me on the journey to self-discovery and forging a sacred path to our soul’s journey on earth and beyond!

May you have Health, Happiness, and Success,

Brenda Mary Love

My Team

Meet Me, Myself and I (Ha, Ha, Ha, I’ve always loved saying that). No longer do I ever feel alone. My team or tribe is made up of my family,  who I will forever cherish, friends or who I consider my extended family, and my Angels, Spirit Guides and of course God the Creator of all that is. And last by not least you as my future confidant. I hope to someday have others who will assist me on my journey.

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Brenda Mary Love

Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of my own Spiritual Development business, I am so excited to be of service to you so we may connect with each other and others on a spiritual level – Namaste!

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Brenda Mary Love


I’ve just completed writing my book – Change Your Story Despite the Diagnosis in the hopes that it will inspire you and others to change their story to Magnificent!

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A woman of many hats and trades

As a mother, wife, worker, and friend I have been given many opportunities to develop my social skills and master life’s karmic lessons

If you are Soul Searching and want a Confidant on your Sacred Journey, I would be so gratefully honored to assist you!

I am available for personal or group discussions and practices of the Etheric Energy of the Universe to help us with our Soul’s Mission.

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