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For every book sold I will donate 10% to a charity that supports counseling for Men and Women experiencing trauma in their life

This book is both a memoir of overcoming the limitations and traumas of a challenging childhood and a guide to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

This memoir is about living with fibromyalgia and other mental health induced illnesses we may encounter on our spiritual path on earth or lack of it. That changing our perceptions of life is key to our soul’s growth and survival. That how learning to forgive others and ourselves and appreciating the lessons these experiences have taught us. How our life experiences and attitudes may have caused and contributed to all the unnecessary pain and depression we experience.

My realization that my broken self and soul has led me to seek spiritual healing has been a journey of finding my true passions and purpose in life despite the diagnosis of multiple mental illnesses turned physical.

As the saying goes life experiences have a way of allowing us to become more resilient in life. Whatever negative experience does not kill you will make you stronger. Because I have learned to overcome and accept my conditions I am now living the life of my dreams and have learned the power of positive thinking. I choose to be happy because of where I have come from and where I am now, knowing that life is what we make it.

My negative experiences and misfortunes are now considered life lessons learned. I admit that I have lived in the victimhood mentality most of my life and have put up with being mistreated by a few low-vibrational beings, and I forgive them. I now know that they were brought into my life to show me how to become a stronger, caring and assertive person. I love and admire all my past and current partners, friends, and family and am learning to appreciate and forgive them for any offenses.

I am truly thankful for and appreciate those people who have contributed to who I am today. I acknowledge that love is a choice and the acts of love are kindness, patience, acceptance, and understanding.

I have become aware of our weaknesses as spiritual beings having a human experience. We all have choices and can change or begin a new life at any time on our journey.

With love, patience, perseverance, and faith in our spiritual divine essence, I will continue to strive for a joyous life and hope to inspire those around me to find their peace and joy needed to be healthy and whole again. With the knowledge and wisdom acquired along the way, including the medicine wheel, the Wellness 360 wheel, and other holistic healing modalities I have been on a road to recovery. By practicing these alternative healing methods, I have become aware of my own self-healing abilities to help me maintain a balanced, active, fulfilling lifestyle.

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Change Your Story—Despite the Diagnosis Living Well with Fibromyalgia and other Mental Health Illness