The overall Motivation for me to write my book were many

All of us have had an experience of feeling powerless and disempowered. Especially when we have people in our life who don’t agree with our lifestyle or views on life. Their words and actions can be devastating and can lead to lifelong trauma if the situation is serious enough. We may not even know when our power is being taken from us, due to our programming growing up.

We’ve probably also experienced moments where we felt empowered and we were able to move through the experience with our dignity and choices intact. Having personal power is an important part
of our well-being.

After writing my book and contemplating my stories and how they’ve helped me overcome my life challenges of dealing with chronic fatigue, losing weight and overcoming addictions, I’ve realized that I am empowered to make my life exciting and robust. Although it takes some self-discovery and learning how to love and care for yourself to do this.

The goals for my book are to tell my stories that led to mental health illnesses and want to remove the stigma of this illness and others. How the effects of the drama, trauma, and tribulations in life, have led to the dis-ease and diagnosis of depression and fibromyalgia. I refer to my diagnosis as “the diagnosis” as to not label myself as the illness.

I believe exposure to the dramas and traumas has contributed to my mental, emotional and spiritual well being. And eventually led to physical symptoms of pain and suffering.

If the cause of your illness or ailments is left untreated, a person may spiral into sadness, hopelessness, depression, or in the most extreme cases, addiction to food, drugs or alcohol. By sharing my stories and challenges, I hope to help others see that there is hope when they are willing to make positive changes in their life by seeking out alternative therapies or professional counseling. As you may come to know habit change is not easy and some of us require counseling and guidance in this area.

I do have faith and will strive to assist others to find their “why” to their suffering and challenges. I now believe that I’ve experienced dramas and traumas for reasons that I may assist others on their journey of discovery. With all my life experiences and education in health and wellness, I’ve come to realize that I am now a holistic expert. As a Holistic Practioner, I will strive to become more compassionate and aware of other people’s challenges. As you may have experienced we all become better at something once we practice doing it wholeheartedly.

I really find it challenging myself and am hurt by it. The behavior of others I know, who are so addicted to a substance that they would risk the relationship with you if you do not give in to their demands. Now, this is what I call emotional blackmail. This is when we need to voice our boundaries and be assertive. Anyway, it is easy to forgive and move on to a better relationship.

Author: Brenda Mary Love

Hello, and welcome to my website. This is so exciting to be able to serve you. I am a seeker of the divine wisdom that is available to us all. If you need company please assist me on my journey to enlightenment.

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